Learning by Traditional Games, Culture and History

Day 1

  • Presentation of institutions and personnel, Establishment of parallel plans of cultural and artistic activities for educational and teaching plans

Day 2

  • Effects of children’s games on children, grouping games in different age groups, Workshop

Day 3

  • The relationship between traditional games and culture and history and the importance of surpassing generation differences

Day 4

  • The discovery of different ways of bonding between teachers and students

Day 5

  • Sharing, solidarity and the importance of personal development, Children’s creativity in the game activities to explore.

Day 6

  • Techniques to develop children’s own actions from different perspectives

Day 7

  • Observing student behavior in the game,
  • Describing and describing the movements of the students by the students, Workshop

Day 8

  • Definition of universal and traditional children’s games
    Establishing the appropriate physical environment and conditions for games and organizing and conducting these games in teacher organization, in-school and classroom activities.

Day 9

  • Introducing and explaining the games that families and children can play in their homes,
  • Technical Trip

Day 10

  • Technical Trip.
  • Certificate Ceremony
Event Calendar

Event Calendar

Month Date Days
April 8-12/15-19 Monday-Friday
May 6-10/13-17 Monday-Friday
June 3-7/10-14 Monday-Friday
July 1-5/8-12 Monday-Friday
August 5-9/12-16 Monday-Friday
September 2-6/9-13 Monday-Friday
October 7-11/14-18 Monday-Friday
November 4-8/11-15 Monday-Friday
December 2-6/9-13 Monday-Friday

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