Buwit e.V. Support and Programs

Buwit e.V. supports and develops the educational needs of our constantly evolving society; It aims to contribute to a high level of welfare in educational, scientific, cultural and social terms. It was established to ensure the integration of disadvantaged individuals into society by increasing their knowledge, skills and culture levels, to encourage their participation in the workforce, and to include individuals who have not yet started working life or continue their education in the active workforce by developing them in the fields of education, science and profession. It also aims to carry out studies to offer alternative perspectives on human and social problems and to propose solutions.

Consultancy Services: Buwit e.V provides consultancy services to every individual of the society such as excluded, dependent, immigrant etc. These services include providing support on social, legal, psychological and other issues. Individual support is provided by professional counselors to assist immigrants with integration solutions, defend the rights of people with disabilities and support their social integration.

Educational Programs: Buwit e.V organizes various educational programs for every individual of the Society. These programs include various topics such as language courses, vocational training, awareness seminars, talent development workshops. These trainings allow them to develop and participate more effectively in society.

Social Awareness Studies: Buwit e.V. The association contributes to the destruction of stereotypes, prevention of discrimination and increase of social efficiency by targeting various groups such as environmental factors, immigrants, addicts and excluded groups. The association effectively uses media, events and other communication tools to raise awareness of this issue in broad segments of society. In this way, it aims to change society’s perception on these issues and create a more inclusive society by creating social awareness.

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