Buwit e.V’s Mission

Buwit e.V constantly works to support and share the educational needs of the society; To contribute to a prosperous social development with high educational, scientific, cultural and social levels, to ensure the integration of disadvantaged people by increasing their knowledge, skills and culture levels, to actively involve individuals who have not yet entered the working life or continue their education, and the developers of education, science and activities. It was established with the aim of bringing alternative perspectives to humanitarian and social problems, offering solutions and working in this direction.

Buwit, headquartered in the North Rhine-Westphalia region, provides consultancy services to Ukrainian citizens who fled the Ukrainian war and came to Germany. In total, 224,000 Ukrainians migrated to North Rhine-Westphalia. Thanks to referral services and translation support to relevant institutions, Buwit has become a vital resource for these segments. The association’s board of directors and volunteers include a wide range of professionals such as independent consultants, doctors, pedagogues, economists, social workers, psychologists, lawyers, nurses, elderly care specialists and family counselors. Many of the board members have experience in Erasmus+ projects and provide guidance and consultancy to those coming to the North Rhine-Westphalia region with Erasmus+ projects.

Buwit also has close ties with public institutions and organizations operating in the region. (Caritasverband Witten, Stadt Witten, VHS Witten,Awo, Kolping Bildungszentren) Buwit e.V organizes national and international studies, activities and meetings with the teams of these organizations. Particularly in Germany, the increasing elderly population and immigrants continue to work towards social and community needs in the region. With its qualified personnel, Buwit e.V shares knowledge, experience and experience by establishing project and working partnerships at national and international levels with institutions and organizations in many regions of Europe. It also provides support to many European institutions and organizations as a host and partner institution for Erasmus+ projects.