Our board of directors consists of experienced individuals in the field of Erasmus+ projects. In this context, we provide guidance and counseling services to individuals who come to the North Rhine-Westphalia region through Erasmus+ projects. We also maintain close contact with private sector enterprises that provide home care services to the elderly.

As a result of meetings with our project team, it was decided to develop projects to prevent and reduce the increasing elderly population and care issues in Germany. Our association has previously carried out or participated in an Erasmus+ project in this area. To gain experience in this field, develop our international capacity, establish new partnerships, and improve the working capacity of our association, it was decided to prepare a new project.

In this project, we aim to improve care services for the elderly and provide them with a better quality of life. Additionally, we aim to create job opportunities for young people and increase employment in this field.

Our association aims to gain more recognition internationally and strengthen collaborations with similar institutions through this project. The project team has started working towards these goals and is taking all necessary steps for the successful completion of the project.